Medication Information

General Information

We do prescribed medication if they are indicated and after education and risk/benefits have been discussed and the patient agrees to move forward. We do not prescribed medication for those we have not established care through an initial evaluative visit. The plan of care regarding medication is always in collaboration with the patient.

Stimulant Medication

We do not prescribed stimulant medications that are in the methylphenidate and amphetamine categories which are traditionally know as "Ritalin" or "Adderall" products and generally used to treat ADHD. These substances fall into a category II controlled substance which we do not prescribe.


We do prescribed these medications in certain situations when appropriate, which is determined by the prescriber. These medication include medications know as "Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium" and medications for sleep such as "Ambien" and "Lunesta." There are a few points for you to understand ahead of time. If you are already taking medication in this category, it does not guarantee we will continue them. We use these medications when indicated for certain problems and it is rare we continue for longer then 6 weeks at the most, however there are exceptions. We follow guidelines that use these medications judiciously when appropriate in acute or severe symptom situations until other treatment options have become effective.


We employ buprenorphine products such as "Suboxone" for the use in assisting with opioid dependence or addiction. Not all people are candidates for this type of treatment and if you are interested or looking for a provider to continue this medication, we can discuss further in a visit. We only provide one  month quantity prescription at a time and have a policy we will review to assist you in determining this is the right option for you.


We prescribed and administer Vivitrol injections for those that are candidates for alcohol and/or opioid dependence/addiction. We can discuss further in session about the medication or answering your questions. Please note, there is a several week process of prescribing and coordinating with all the necessary parties. There are times and ways to reduce this time frame, but it is not always a guarantee. Lastly, due to the significant amount of time in the administration of enrolling and coordinating each injection, we charge a one time fee of $180.


We generally refill your prescription at the scheduled follow up visit. If you miss your appointment we can make an exception by calling them in if needed, however this does not apply to controlled substances. We will only provide one refill due to a missed appointment. Please note, due to the enormous amount of automatic faxes we get from pharmacies, which is largely inaccurate or not up to date, we do not prefer to refill medications this way. If you are needing a refill we prefer for the patient to make the request by let us know several days before the prescription has run out. We have conveniently added a contact button below to request a refill.

Prescription Refill