Maestro Psychiatric Services

Maestro Healthcare, LLC was created after years of extensive experience working in mental health and wellness services and with a desire to return to more personalized care. 

Our service model is based on a smaller patient-to-provider ratio, longer appointment times for better quality care, and combining services to optimize the cost and convenience to the patient.


We specialize in medication management for mood disorders, anxiety and addiction.  On a case by case basis, there may be an option to wrap in therapy for continuity of care and cost efficiency to the patient. Therapy added to a medication appointment is based on individualized goals and the patient and provider agreed upon treatment plan.

*Maestro Healthcare currently provides services to patients ages 12 and up and does not prescribe stimulants that fall under category II controlled substances (e.g. Adderall).

Please see out Medication Information section for more information.

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Our Vision

A world that prioritizes mental wellness to improve overall health and quality of life


We welcome referrals from other medical and mental health providers. Our goal is to help treat the "whole" person, which often includes treating mental health concerns in conjunction with the treatment of medical conditions and symptoms.

We value the importance of collaboration between all treating providers.

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